ALERTWildfire is a consortium of three universities — The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), University of California San Diego (UCSD), and the University of Oregon (UO) — providing access to state-of-the-art Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) fire cameras and associated tools to help firefighters and first responders:

  • discover/locate/confirm fire ignition,
  • quickly scale fire resources up or down appropriately
  • monitor fire behavior through containment
  • during firestorms, help evacuations through enhanced situational awareness
  • ensure contained fires are monitored appropriately through their demise.


  • High-bandwidth IP connectivity allows HD PTZ cameras with near-infrared capability
  • Easily expandable to multi-hazards given its high-speed bandwidth
  • Leverages funding from federal, state, and county agencies, utilities, and local stakeholders
  • Distributed IP system controllable by phone, tablet, laptop, desktop
  • Hardens ShakeAlert telemetry further enhancing state resiliency
  • Public facing web access provides situational awareness
  • Secure web-access to firefighters and first responders allows direct camera control
  • Time lapse imagery available on demand
  • Interfaces with WIFIRE Firemap for predicting wildfire behavior
  • Machine learning for early fire detection

Sponsors and Partners:

For a full list, see

  • Federal agencies (BLM, National Forest Service, National Science Foundation)
  • CA Utilities; 267 existing or soon to be installed cameras by private sector funding
    • SDGE, 16 cameras installed Sep 2017
    • SoCal Edison (Pilot project: $10-15M, 160 cameras and support)
    • PGE (Pilot project: 9 cameras this year, add 100 after pilot)
  • CA Counties, replacing existing systems with ALERTWildfire
    • Sonoma, Marin, Napa
  • Private stakeholders

Advantages to linking ShakeAlert and wildfire detection programs

  • Leverages funding sources that can save state tax dollars
  • Wireless, IP-based high-speed backbone is easily expandable to a Multi-Hazards system, delivering real-time, state-wide monitoring
  • Hardens telemetry backbone of ShakeAlert, improving state resiliency
  • Pulls together technical and human resources within the state to improve coordination and response.


  • Distributed IP-based system
    • Anywhere one has connectivity, by any device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
    • Same touch and feel in NV, CA, ID, OR, WA
    • Command centers and firefighters familiar with interface and use
  • HD, 32X zoom, visible and near IR
  • Range is up to 40 miles daytime, 60-80 nighttime.¬†Preferred spacing is 20 miles